Monday, September 11, 2006

What did you read this summer?

Books are my drugs. Here's what I've snorted, inhaled, swallowed, this summer:
(note: Fictionwise has a great collection of classic books for reading on your PDA. I decided to see 1) how many I could find for free; 2) how many I had already read 3) finish the rest. So in between current books are many titles available from as text or html) If anyone cares, I can add print vs e-book or my opinion, but as always, YMMV.

Biography & Autobiography
Beard, Patricia; After The Ball
Shakib, Siba; Samira and Samir
Moran, Lindsay ; Blowing My Cover
Dickens, Charles; American Notes

Petroski, Henry; Small Things Considered

de Toqueville, Alexis ; Democracy In America
Dickens, Charles; A Child's History of England
Dumas, Alexandre, Pére; Celebrated Crimes, Complete
Jakober, Marie; Only Call Us Faithful

Humor (Political)
Hutchins, Jeremy; Loving the Cheney Within

Beagle, Peter S.; Tamsin
Baxter, Alissa; Lord Fenmore's Wager
Bellairs, John The House With a Clock in Its Walls / The Ghost in the Mirror (Edward Gorey Illustrator)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Door through Space
Brown, Rita Mae; Sour Puss
Card, Orson Scott ed; The Dragon Quintet
Crane, Laura Dent; The Automobile Girls At Washington
Derr-Wille, Sherry; Never a Bridesmaid
Dodd, Christina; Almost Like Being in Love
- ; In My Wildest Dreams
- ; Rules of Attraction
Finley, Martha; Elsie Dinsmore books 1 - 7 & 9 (I can't find 8 online)
Flint, Eric, ed.; Grantville Gazette 5-8
Freer, Dave; A Mankind Witch
Gatty, Mrs Alfred; Aunt Judy's Tales
Grant, Tracy; Beneath A Silent Moon
Hammond, Melinda; Fortune's Lady
Hilgartner, Beth; A Murder For Her Majesty
Huxley, Aldous; Crome Yellow
Jacobs, Joseph; Celtic Fairy Tales
Maeterlinck, Maurice; The Blue Bird (a play)
Matthews, Laura; In My Lady's Chamber
Marley, Louise; The Glass Harmonica
Myers, Edward & Natchev, Alexi; Forri the Baker
Nabb, Magdalen; Some Bitter Taste
Parton, James, ed.; Humourous Poetry of the English Language
Pratchett, Terry; The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
- ; A Hat Full of Sky
Ringo, John; Princess of Wands
- ; Against the Tide
- ; Emerald Sea
- ; East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Swendson, Shanna; Once Upon Stilettos
Various; Project Gutenberg's Famous Stories Every Child Should Know

It was a good summer!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life is math ... choices = consequences

Five meerkats killed after girl, 9, is bitten
Public condolences poured into the Minnesota Zoo on Friday, as zoo visitors and staff mourned the deaths of an entire meerkat family.
The five meerkats were euthanized Thursday, a day after a 9-year-old girl reached her hand into the exhibit and was bitten.
The meerkats — two adults and their three babies born in spring — were vaccinated for rabies, but state health protocol required that they be killed and tested because the girl's parents didn't want her to undergo a series of six rabies shots.
The meerkats did not have rabies, tests done at the Minnesota Board of Animal Health showed Friday.
Someday this child is going to have to face consequences; and she will NEVER understand why.

I just want to shake her parents. When she is 16 and has no control, they will wring their hands and wander why their little angel has changed. Worse yet, when she is 22, and I have to teach her the math of life, they will be mad at me and not themselves.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Where are we going and what am I doing in this handbasket?

Reading this weekends headlines, all I can think of is a Flemish proverb -
"What a man says drunk, he's thought sober"
A variation on In Vino, Veritas, true but a slightly different slant.

It's DC, it's summer, it's miserable. From July to September, the weather prediction doesn't change much - Hazy, Hot, and Humid; chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

Our resident Brit was shocked earlier this year when we offered iced tea. He asked how I would feel if offered iced coffee - I told him "wait 'till August, you'll drink tar if it has ice in it".

Saturday, July 22, 2006

How do you get .. one very good friend, three children, a large dog in a cage, plus enough luggage for 2 weeks in a medium size car. The car that I mostly live in day to day, so it's also full of junk.
They're moving to Germany for two years, and I am sooooo jealous! He's already moved, this trip is to get the kids there and settled before school - my part is to get them to the airport :D
Ah well, I can dream of trips to visit!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

First day of .......

What do I want you to know about me?
Navy Brat, AF Vet, Career Geek
Books are my drugs

that's probably enough for now.
talk amongst yourselves.