Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Life is math ... choices = consequences

Five meerkats killed after girl, 9, is bitten
Public condolences poured into the Minnesota Zoo on Friday, as zoo visitors and staff mourned the deaths of an entire meerkat family.
The five meerkats were euthanized Thursday, a day after a 9-year-old girl reached her hand into the exhibit and was bitten.
The meerkats — two adults and their three babies born in spring — were vaccinated for rabies, but state health protocol required that they be killed and tested because the girl's parents didn't want her to undergo a series of six rabies shots.
The meerkats did not have rabies, tests done at the Minnesota Board of Animal Health showed Friday.
Someday this child is going to have to face consequences; and she will NEVER understand why.

I just want to shake her parents. When she is 16 and has no control, they will wring their hands and wander why their little angel has changed. Worse yet, when she is 22, and I have to teach her the math of life, they will be mad at me and not themselves.


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