Monday, September 11, 2006

What did you read this summer?

Books are my drugs. Here's what I've snorted, inhaled, swallowed, this summer:
(note: Fictionwise has a great collection of classic books for reading on your PDA. I decided to see 1) how many I could find for free; 2) how many I had already read 3) finish the rest. So in between current books are many titles available from as text or html) If anyone cares, I can add print vs e-book or my opinion, but as always, YMMV.

Biography & Autobiography
Beard, Patricia; After The Ball
Shakib, Siba; Samira and Samir
Moran, Lindsay ; Blowing My Cover
Dickens, Charles; American Notes

Petroski, Henry; Small Things Considered

de Toqueville, Alexis ; Democracy In America
Dickens, Charles; A Child's History of England
Dumas, Alexandre, Pére; Celebrated Crimes, Complete
Jakober, Marie; Only Call Us Faithful

Humor (Political)
Hutchins, Jeremy; Loving the Cheney Within

Beagle, Peter S.; Tamsin
Baxter, Alissa; Lord Fenmore's Wager
Bellairs, John The House With a Clock in Its Walls / The Ghost in the Mirror (Edward Gorey Illustrator)
Bradley, Marion Zimmer; Door through Space
Brown, Rita Mae; Sour Puss
Card, Orson Scott ed; The Dragon Quintet
Crane, Laura Dent; The Automobile Girls At Washington
Derr-Wille, Sherry; Never a Bridesmaid
Dodd, Christina; Almost Like Being in Love
- ; In My Wildest Dreams
- ; Rules of Attraction
Finley, Martha; Elsie Dinsmore books 1 - 7 & 9 (I can't find 8 online)
Flint, Eric, ed.; Grantville Gazette 5-8
Freer, Dave; A Mankind Witch
Gatty, Mrs Alfred; Aunt Judy's Tales
Grant, Tracy; Beneath A Silent Moon
Hammond, Melinda; Fortune's Lady
Hilgartner, Beth; A Murder For Her Majesty
Huxley, Aldous; Crome Yellow
Jacobs, Joseph; Celtic Fairy Tales
Maeterlinck, Maurice; The Blue Bird (a play)
Matthews, Laura; In My Lady's Chamber
Marley, Louise; The Glass Harmonica
Myers, Edward & Natchev, Alexi; Forri the Baker
Nabb, Magdalen; Some Bitter Taste
Parton, James, ed.; Humourous Poetry of the English Language
Pratchett, Terry; The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents
- ; A Hat Full of Sky
Ringo, John; Princess of Wands
- ; Against the Tide
- ; Emerald Sea
- ; East of the Sun, West of the Moon
Swendson, Shanna; Once Upon Stilettos
Various; Project Gutenberg's Famous Stories Every Child Should Know

It was a good summer!


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What an intimidating list!


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